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Senior staff track student progress and assessment results very carefully and decisions about a student's suitability for promotion are professionally determined. This does not mean, however, that a parent, who has serious concerns about their child's level, cannot request a review. 


Promotions in Galileo are based on assessments/competitions /quizzes and teacher feedback. Most English and Maths promotions occur automatically following success at certain English Mastery levels. Promotions in senior levels of Maths and English occur as a result of term assessments.


Most promotions occur at the end of a term. It is necessary, from time to time, to request that a parent remove a child from one of our classes. This usually occurs only after a warning “on trial” period and can be the result of disruptive behaviour, poor motivation or work ethic or, on occasions, because staff believe that the child would progress more efficiently in an alternate learning environment. It may also occur because the student is too young to have the maturity required for a Secondary English level. For the great majority, students may remain in class as long as satisfactory progress is being maintained.

Maximum time in each programme

Junior - 2 semesters
Intermediate - 4 semesters
Senior - 4 semesters





The Swot Shop operates a series of twelve mastery levels for the following programmes.

Advanced English Mastery Levels

Advanced English Primary C          Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Advanced English Primary B          Level 4        Level 5        Level 6

Advanced English Primary A          Level 7        Level 8        Level 9

Advanced English - Secondary C  Level 10        Level 11       Level 12


Maths Talent Mastery Levels

Maths Talent E        Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Maths Talent D        Level 4        Level 5        Level 6

Maths Talent C        Level 7        Level 8         Level 9

Maths Talent B        Level 10        Level 11       Level 12

Students in these programmes attempt a Mastery Level Assessment in Term 1, Term 3 and Term 4 to provide a sense of measured progress and feedback for parents. Success at the highest level for each programme results in automatic promotion to the next level. Students who pass Mastery level 3, 6, 9, or 12 will be presented with a ribbon for their promotion.

The tests are offered three times each year, but no child is expected to be able to progress or learn quickly enough to be successful at each attempt. There is no shame, therefore, attached to being unsuccessful at the first attempt at a Mastery Level test.

A parallel test at the same level is then offered to these students in the following testing session. In order to retain consistency in these individual benchmarks, the test papers must remain unchanged and cannot therefore be provided to, or viewed by, parents.


Progressions through programmes at The Swot Shop

Maths Talent

E - 4 semesters

D - 4 semesters

C - 4 semesters

B - 4 semesters

A - 4 semesters

Advanced English

Primary C - 2 semesters

Primary B - 4 semesters

Primary A - 4 semesters

Secondary C - 4 semesters

Secondary B - 4 semesters

Foundational Programmes






Year 1


Galileo Junior

(Year 2)

Galileo Intermediate

(Year 3 & 4)

Galileo Senior

(Year 5 & 6)


Maths Talent E

(Year 2 & 3)

Maths Talent D

(Year 3 & 4)

Maths Talent C

(Year 4 & 5)

Maths Talent B

(Year 5 & 6)

Maths Talent A

(Year 6 & 7)


Primary C

(Year 2)

Primary B

(Year 3 & 4)

Primary A

(Year 4, 5 & 6)

Secondary C

(Year 6 & 7)

Secondary B

(Year 7 & 8)


OC Placement

(Year 4 only)

Selective Preparation

(Year 5 & Year 6 Continuers)

* Grades are guidelines only.

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