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Our emphasis is not on rote learning but on providing activities which aid understanding. Entry to most programmes is subject to meritorious performance on assessments.

During each term parents are given statistical feedback about their child's performance in our regular testing programme.

We do not aim to accelerate students through the school curriculum but to provide activities and teaching which exercise higher levels of thinking.

Where appropriate, our teaching techniques use instruction, discussion, discovery, debate, co-operative problem solving and extensive use of hands-on materials. Many of the aims of the programmes can be met using puzzles, games and competitions so that fun and learning co-exist.


Director: Ros Wolfers




Galileo's Gang

Galileo's Gang is designed to cater for those with intellectual talent. The programme aims to provide social, recreational and intellectual opportunities through extension and enrichment activities.

Galileo's Gang is for students from Grades 2 to 6 and operates at three levels - Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

The programme is skills-based rather than knowledge-based and is designed to

  • enhance thinking skills in logic, strategy, memory, analysis, critical and visual thinking.

  • increase literacy and language skills.

  • improve research skills.

  • foster an appreciation of learning enquiry and academic excellence.

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Maths Talent

The Swot Shop Maths Talent Programmes exist at five different levels (E to A) catering for students from Grades 2 to 7. Students in these programmes have already displayed an interest in, and enjoyment of, mathematics. The programme provides extension and enrichment activities which enhance students' understanding of basic mathematical principles as well as their ability to reason mathematically at a high level.

Students are not taught by a "recipe and repetition" method but by investigation, discovery and problem solving. Many activities are presented as puzzles or games and much use is made of co-operative learning in addition to the benefits from individual or group competition.

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Advanced English

The Swot Shop English Programmes are designed for students from Year 2 to 8 and operate at five levels - Primary C, B and A; Secondary C and B. The classes cater for those students with natural talent as well as for competent students wishing to improve. Entry is determined by assessment and promotion from one level to another is determined by student's progress.

Advanced English Primary C concentrates on developing the students' comprehension skills, vocabulary, grammar, oral and written communication skills.

Advanced English Primary B & A and Advanced English Secondary C students attend a class which provides a focus on reading for understanding, oral discussion of passages and the appreciation of literature as well as the development of written communication skills within a variety of genres. Emphasis is placed on improving vocabulary and language, using correct grammatical construction and developing creativity.

Advanced English Secondary B students focus on both writing skills and comprehension. The writing component prepares students for the types of writing required in secondary school. It does this by extending vocabulary, improving writing style, developing essay writing techniques and by providing guided practice in learning to write creatively. The comprehension component develops advanced comprehension skills through the analysis of the works of impressive writers, poets and dramatists.

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Springboard operates at three levels; Pre-School (in the 12 months prior to school enrolment), Kindergarten (first year of school enrolment) and Year 1. It provides challenging, interesting and stimulating activities to assist in the development of reading, writing, number and thinking skills. Research has shown that the early development of thinking skills leads later to more rapid progress in the learning of reading, writing and maths.

The Springboard Programmes at all levels aims to:

  • increase literary and language skills

  • improve mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • enhance thinking skills in logic, strategy, memory and visual thinking.

  • foster an appreciation of learning and enquiry.

  • assist in the development of self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

  • complement school and pre-school programmes.

Only students seeking entry into Springboard Year 1 are required to sit an entry test.

Spaces in Springboard Pre-School and Kindergarten are allocated by order of registration and vacancies.

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OC Exam Preparation (School Year 4)

This programme specifically focuses on the limited requirements of the examination: Reading, Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking Skills. Emphasis in the lessons leans towards exam technique, speed, accuracy, concentration and experience with multiple choice formats as well as providing practice in typical questions and sample tests.

Specific entry tests are in held in the term prior to the start of this course for those students in Year 3 at the time of testing. This programme runs in Term 1 & Term 2 only and students must commence class from the first week of the programme.

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Selective Preparation Programme (School Year 5)

This programme specifically focuses on the exam requirements of Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills and Writing. Students who have not previously attended The Swot Shop need to be strong academically to qualify for admission.


Specific entry tests are held during Term 1 and only those students in Year 5 at the time of testing are eligible. This programme runs from Term 2 of Year 5 through to the end of Term 1 of Year 6 and students must commence from the first week of the programme.

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