When and how can my child do a make-up lesson? 


Make up classes will not be permitted for Term 4, 2021 as class numbers need to be predictable to ensure maximum social distancing.

If your child is unable to attend his/her normal class, then a make-up lesson is a good alternative.  Remember that The Swot Shop week begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday so the make-up class must be attended in the same week as the normal class. Students are entitled to one make up lesson each term for each enrolled class.


There is no need to phone to book one of these lessons, just arrive in time to check in at reception for a make up lesson prior to the start of the class.  A timetable of classes is available in each student's folder to assist parents in determining the day and time for a potential make up class when required.

Can I obtain a copy of materials from a missed lesson?

Yes. Students are entitled to receive material from one missed lesson per term. Please email: missedlesson@swotshop.com.au with your child's name, student number and the class they missed and we will send the materials, complete with answers, to you for your child to review for the next lesson. Please note you may only request a lesson for the current or previous week.

Does The Swot Shop run lessons on public holidays? 
We do not want one group of students missing their lessons because of a public holiday. With the exception of Christmas, Easter and public holidays which fall during school holidays, the lessons will be held. If this inconveniences those with activities on public holidays, a make-up lesson is advised.


Students may withdraw from a class at any stage. Written notification (preferably by email to  refunds@swotshop.com.au) must be provided. Continued absence is not classified as withdrawal. Credit for unused lessons (from the date of notification) will be refunded less an administration fee equal to two week's tuition, per subject. Refunds
will not be provided for withdrawals after Week 5 of Term 4. Refunds will begin to be processed after the student's last class on condition that all property is returned to The Swot Shop.