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Classes are held after school and on the weekends. Each program has a maximum class size of between 10 - 16 students and each class runs between 1 - 2 hours. Swot Shop provides students with folders, exercise books, copies of all materials and equipment required for classes.


The founders, both teachers with an interest in the needs of bright students, first set up as a backyard operation in 1991.

Much time was spent researching resources and creating materials to challenge the students and to assist them to use higher levels of thinking.


Our classes and programs are based on the principles that learning is most effective in classes small enough to allow for highly attentive teaching. Progress is most beneficial if students are grouped into classes which contain a small range of ability levels.

Our Teachers  

All teachers at Swot Shop have qualifications which would entitle them to employment in private and public schools in NSW. They are chosen for their excellent communication skills, enthusiasm for our ethos, academic skills and dedication to their profession.

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