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Selective for 2024 Year 5 now open!!!!
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 2024 Pre-School now open!!!!
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Classes at Swot Shop are offered seven days/week. Weekday classes start from 4pm, Saturday classes from 8:15am and Sunday from 9:00am. Click on the link below to view the timetable.

The Swot Shop provides enrichment and extension programs, resources and classes for intellectually talented students

             Why Choose The Swot Shop


1. The Swot Shop is designed for academically bright students who are provided with extension and enrichment activities.


2. The Swot Shop insists on an Entry Test to determine who would be suitable so that only students who would benefit from our teaching are admitted.


3. We group students into classes based on ability and not on age or school grade. This means there is a very small range of ability in each group and programs can be created for this exact cohort.


4. We appreciate that parents are keen to monitor what has been taught and how their child has managed the lesson so the child’s attempts at each activity can be examined when the weekly booklets/worksheets are taken home.


5. For most programs, parents are provided with results from assessments held each term. These assessments are used to determine the need for promotion to a higher level.


6. Your child’s class teacher will be qualified to the same standard as that required by the Department of Education. Our classes have a maximum number of 10 students for the young ones and 16 for the older ones.


7. The Swot Shop uses a considerable range of equipment and educational games to assist students to develop concepts more easily and to make learning fun. Lessons are about teaching and learning – not just question and answer.


8. Homework is set each week and should take about 30 minutes or less. Homework for English is a piece of writing which is then corrected, with helpful comments, by their teacher.


9. The lessons aim to encourage students to develop the ability to think logically, to problem solve and to motivate self-confidence when working independently or co-operatively.

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