The Swot Shop specialises in providing programmes for intellectually bright and gifted students. We offer small group tuition in classes graded on ability and achievement not on age and grade.

With a minimal range of ability in each group, our students are challenged to the maximum by qualified experienced teachers using specially developed materials.

Our emphasis is not on rote learning but on providing activities which aid understanding. Entry to most programmes is subject to meritorious performance on assessments.

During each term parents are given detailed statistical feedback about their child's performance in our regular testing programme.


We do not aim to accelerate students through the school curriculum but to provide activities and teaching which exercise higher levels of thinking.

Where appropriate, our teaching techniques use instruction, discussion, discovery, debate, co-operative problem solving and extensive use of hands-on materials. Many of the aims of the programmes can be met using puzzles, games and competitions so that fun and learning co-exist.

Director: Ros Wolfers
Principal: Anne Hodgkins

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